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FNAF 1 night maker free download will allow you to make a night your nightmare. And you can learn how to make it on the FNAF game website. Free horror game page!

About FNAF 1 night maker

FNAF 1 night maker free download is done, but you soon have the next version of this game. The version will allow you to make a night as your will and then play it. This night will last only one time, and then you must reset the whole night. We are trying to keep this game setting repeat for the next night you play. That will be better!

There will be an option menu where you can set everything in the game:

  • Press P: then you will suddenly die and start your game all over again.
  • Press O: this will allow you to win the night without playing it. But it would be best if you did this before you die.
  • Press I: will help you to refill all the power and electric things.
  • There will be more options you could make in the FNAF 1 night maker.

FNAF fan games are all free games, and each one of them will have a unique style. You can download this game now from the leading website!


by: Gr4ff1n @Gr4ff1n