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Introduction to the Game – Freddy in Space 2

Freddy in Space 2 that is without charge download the full version of this game on our web site, may be a fan-made game inspirited by the illustrious horror series created by Scott Cawthon. It still stays faithful the first FNAF however currently Freddy is back in house rather than the darkness building or the shop. Let’s welcome it and you’ll have a replacement expertise.

Freddy in Space 2 Free Download
Freddy in Space 2 Free Download

This time, the sport brings Freddy back in Space. nice horror series positively goes to house, however, in fact, what number of them will return for a second round? the sport is one in every of them. Let’s welcome the second part

Story of the Game – Freddy in Space 2

In order to perform a deep-space mission, Freddy leaves the satellite. However, at this point, the recently put in high-tech laptop assistant, Logarithmic Online LAN-compatible Zero-error Hydraulic Auxiliary Xylophone United Nations agency is additionally referred to as L.O.L.Z.H.A.X tries to hack the central automatic data processing system.

After that, this assistant has created a thought to brainwash some resident house warriors consisting of fair, Chica, sly additionally as this unusually gangly house puppet. additionally, Lolzhax additionally has bolted the son of Freddy outside the station wherever has restricted air remaining.

How will Freddy defeat LolzHax so as to shield his son in time and rescue his friends?

Don’t hesitate to download the free version of this game Freddy in Space 2 without charge here and find out the remainder of the story.


Developer: realscawthon @realscawthon
Sub Links: mega.nz