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Meta: Fred’s Factory is a horror survival game, part of FNaF World. A new story brings a more attractive way of playing. Everything in the game will make you excited.

Fred's Factory Free Download
Fred’s Factory Free Download

Fred’s Factory is a Rafieko horror game. To create it, the author took inspiration from FNaF World– a series of famous horror games. Like many games in the Five Nights at Freddy’s series, Fred’s Factory has tested your survival. You have to fight against animatronic characters as well as get rid of any threats that can happen at any time.

How to play the game?

  • Opening this game is a scene in a strange and scary place. That place was exactly a haunted building that contained a multitude of horrible things. Your mission is to escape from this place safely.
  • There will be enemies always around you to find a chance to take over your space. Once they reach you, you will be in danger or even killed. So always be careful!
  • You have useful tools and equipment. Take advantage of what you have to track your enemies’ movements and stop them if necessary.

Notes for you

  • The AI’s movement speed is already higher than before.
  • Rvae can destroy you even while it’s at Level 0.
  • Your enemy will gradually become more active.
  • Pay attention to the power level, and check every dark corner carefully.

Have fun!


Dev: -=Rafieko=- @Rafieko