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The story of this game is not like other games from the Five Nights at Freddy’s. It tells you about the adventure of a young man who found his job in a restaurant. This may be a lucky thing for him. The good news is he was hired and caught a career as a nightguard. The bad news is he is not alone in that place where he is about to work.

Original Location Free Download
Original Location Free Download

Original Location shows you the truth about a journey from this fear to that scare. A player will need a hard steel mentality to pass through all the challenges.

In the game, you can use unlike objects to fight the monster or block them. Buy some time for your escape and find out all the secrets of these monsters.

Original Location free download is not hard to do. You can easily download this game from our website and run it for free.

Gamers need to read the instructions too because there will be a lot of hard decisions. Download this game and try it for yourself. There will be a lot of obstacles. Good luck, player!


By: TannerFeline @TannerFeline