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OVERTALE Free Download will give you a horror but fun game. And in this game, you need to fight with some dark force. 

The story of this horror game:

About the story, you will be an adventurer. Your mission will be to find survival and then fight back the darkness. There will be some NPCs on the way. Talk to them to have more info. 

The world we have in this game will bring players not only blood but also fun. You can join some mini battles to learn how to use your skill. The new features will help you with the gameplay. 

OVERTALE new changes: 

  • Since the last game version, we have added the 3D character build. You can see that in this version, your character and others will look better. They act and move realistically. 
  • The sound and graphics in this version will be changed too. All you need is to come to the game to know what it will be. 
  • Overtale Download will bring you a new environment level. You will have your chance to adapt to it. 

We have more games like this one on the main page of the horror collection. If you like this one you can follow it so the next update will soon be your. Eyes in the dark, so fear can not get close!


by: OvertaleRPG @OvertaleRPG