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Introduction to the Game – Popgoes Aftermath

Popgoes Aftermath is one in every of the foremost gratifying fan-made games that take inspiration from the well-received horror series Five Nights At Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon. Despite being a lover game, not an officer one, it’s designed with the hope of transferral a lot of fascinating and terrific expertise for players. If you’re excited regarding it, you’ll be able to transfer it at no cost on our web site.

Popgoes Aftermath Free Download
Popgoes Aftermath Free Download

Story of the Game – Popgoes Aftermath

Essentially, the sport may be a 2-D survival horror game that comes together with distinctive aspects of free go, classic sit also as survival gameplay. it’s meant to be created in Godot. it’s price noting that every one models within the game are created, textured, and rendered in Cycles.

Following the ending of the previous half POPGOES, Fritz parcel of land World Health Organization may be a far-famed creator is identified to be killed within the night by AN unknown figure. once this horrifying event, the institution is closed and has nobody for inheritable the franchise and bequest.

It has been 3 years once this event…

You need to search out the thanks to survive within the ruins of the Popgoes store and check out your best to avoid the creations that square measure still lingering within the aftermath.

Attempt to uncover its secrets, however no matter you do… what’s going to happen?

If you’re prepared, download Popgoes Aftermath at no cost here!

Download the official game Popgoes Aftermath for free from our website, which is the full version of this game to enjoy it on your own device.


Developers: Anthony “Haious” Miele @Icotrophobe