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Porkchop’s Horror Show is about a story where you are the main character. In this game, you will be thrown into a meat factory where the manager promises to give you money, fame, and a good work opportunity.

Porkchop's Horror Show Free Download

But one thing that you don’t know is this factory is full of machine monsters. They will try to chase you, hunt you down, and then use you like material for their meal.

This game is different from the old game name Five Nights at Freddy’s, but players still have the same scare. It would be best if you fought with machine demons and their friends for your life.

These FNaF fan games will give you what you need for your Saturday night when everyone goes to sleep. And you jump in this scary situation for once and only time in your life.

Porkchop’s Horror Show Download is as fast as the way it delivers its story to the player. Come and try it if you dare. There will be more fun coming to you each update release!


By: Phisnom @Phisnom