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Project Readjusted Free Download brings you a new task with exciting things. Are you ready to accept the challenges in this game? Can you overcome all of them?

Project Readjusted Free Download
Project Readjusted

Project Readjusted Version: 1.1.7

Project Readjusted Free Download brings you a new task with interesting things. A fan of FNaf by Scott Cawthon created this game as a non-profit project. Like other fan games, the author built the game based on Five Nights at Freddy’s.

It’s been two weeks since Circus Baby’s Pizza World stopped running. A new company has emerged and caught the attention, named MixRobotix inc. They said they started a children’s entertainment program called biz animatronic. What is hidden behind this Five Nights at Freddy’s version?

You are a new employee at Glancer’s Boisterous Restaurant with the task of keeping an eye on GlanceTrap and the entire restaurant. Your shift is from 9 pm to 3 am. At night, the animatronics will be active and endanger your safety. You will have to use flash, a product designed specifically for this place, and a Security Seal-able door to ensure your own safety.

Project Readjusted characters you might have to deal with include: Glancer, Balloon, Ballon Baby Bill, Gold Freddy. Be careful with these animatronics as they can attack you, even kill you! Use tools the game provides to prevent them from reaching you.


by: Mechlus @Mechlus