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Rayman Redemption has been made and is based on the original game with the same name in 1995. This game has already made so much success in the past. And now, their fans have one again to make it better and fit all players’ needs.

Download Rayman Redemption

This Fan game is all about running through all the world you have and then defeating bosses in-game. Some bosses are old, and some of them have been added from the new version. You will run into some challenging gameplay through the game, and then you will know how your skill is.

This game can only play offline, but you can share your score with another player by posting them online. We will create a page or a discourse so you can join and discuss this game.

To have the Rayman Redemption free download, you must follow all the steps we gave you. Some updates will be brought to you when we finish the bug fixing tools. Finally, have fun and see you in the next game!


By: Ryemanni @Ryemanni