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The Awakening of Fredbear’s could be a fangame that gives the dark color tone primarily aboard the acquainted characters you have got seen within the completely different Five Nights at Freddy’s fangame.

The Awakening of Fredbear's Free Download
The Awakening of Fredbear’s Free Download


The story begins once the robotics start with weird action that no-one will expound that. Obviously, this can be higher for you to stay removed from these robotics. an additional issue that you simply ought to notice is that you simply don’t seem to be allowed to form eye contact with these hostile robotics. the rationale is that square measure that are provided the sensors that are programmed to trace any movement. So, make certain that you simply can do nothing that creates them concentrate to you.

This is the best fnaf fan game.


  • Map = 100%
  • Props = 100%
  • SFX = 100%
  • AI = 100%

The wakening of Fredbear’s comprised of some parts such as:

  • Story – Objective Gameplay that asks you to complete the story objective to urge the ending.
  • Free rove – Survival Gameplay that permits you to survive as long as attainable you’ll.
  • Free rove – Objective Gameplay that asks you to work out the entire amount of secret things.

Hello! And welcome back! Its even higher now! you’ll relish your time! simply please do not return too close! we have a tendency to had some issues over the last week… robotics started acting extremely weird… And since our engineers do not have an evidence for this. its higher simply to remain removed from the robotics… simply please do not build eye contact with them. as a result of they need sensors that ar programed to follow something that moves

So you do not need them to note you right?! Ehh… don’t be concerned i believe you will be simply fine… simply relish some time with our beautiful and safe robotics…


These are some aspects of the wakening of Fredbear’s fangame that we might prefer to show you. to urge the sport, currently you simply ought to faucet on the “Download” button.


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