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Introduction to the game – The Shell Fun House (PSFC 2)

The Shell Fun House (PSFC 2), that is for complimentary transfer here on our web site, actually brings a awfully new expertise fan people who are trying forward horror moments.

The Shell Fun House (PSFC 2) Free Download
The Shell Fun House (PSFC 2) Free Download

Story of the Game – The Shell Fun House (PSFC 2)

After the event of the closure of Freddy Fazbear’s pizza pie in 1987, nobody will justify the mystery behind The Puppet.

After 2 years till this event, The Puppet disappeared suddenly. Meanwhile, within the same year, Poundinger Shell’s Fight Club was opened and animatronic robots were fancied so as to be wont to be coaching dummies.

Everything was going fine and had no modification till one event happened. One man was employed to figure within the animatronic cargo deck, and on the third night, he unexpectedly met The Puppet. and also, the Puppet began to possess this man. nightly, the Puppet controlled him and compelled him to not shut the door once robotics needs to him. However, he tried to shut the doors however in one night, he couldn’t bed. He died. The club was closed its door when 2 days.

They meant to form use of robotics components so as to form kid-friendly robots. Therefore, they determined to implement the concept of a funhouse for patrons. That was the rationale why The Shell Fun House was established.

Don’t hesitate to transfer The Shell Fun House (PSFC 2) for complimentary here and explore the remainder of the story.

If you are looking for free content, you can download the game from this website for free which is free of cost and enjoy the game by yourself on your PC/Android.


Developer: ARRELIS @Arrelis
Sub Links: mega.nz