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Continue the phobia and excitement with the simplest jump scares from one amongst the scariest robotics in Those Nights at Rachel’s! As a district of the FNaF universe, the sport is additionally a click-and-point horror survival computer game impressed by Five Nights at Freddy’s of Scott Cawthon. Install it currently on your phone and verify if you have got nerves of steel with its APK for automaton for complimentary transfer here.

Those Nights at Rachel’s APK Free Download
Those Nights at Rachel’s APK Free Download

Those Nights at Rachel’s by Nikson is rated together of the gems among several horror strategy games supported the large hit FNaF series. It offers players top quality and genius frights. With many build-ups and tense atmosphere, most of all players cannot leave the sting of their seats whereas taking part in the sport. The robotics within the game has been designed with the twisted and hell look that provides each player a heart failure, even knowledgeable about players like Coryxkenshin, Yamamish, and POiiSED.


The game is about up with a background of a creepy store during which a large range of scary characters are hidden within the dark. the same as alternative games within the FNAF series, players can take the role of an evening guard and manage to survive five nights there. With restricted tools and weapons like cameras system enabled sight and safety doors, players shall create them work to defend themselves against dangerous species. equalization the utilization of those tools is that the key to urge through the sport.

Will you scream out whereas playing? are you able to survive five nights there? Take the challenge and take a look at it on your phone currently with APK Those Nights at Rachel’s prepared here! Get it on Gamejolf FNAF APK.

Download the sport that is completely freed from value and is obtaining a lot of fun to play it on your device completely.


Dev: Nikson @Nikson_Official
Sub Links: mega.nz