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Slendytubbies: They’re coming will be a big fight, and in that fight, you will be nothing but a victim. This game shall send your body and soul to a world of horror monsters. You also have to fight in different places.

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Slendytubbies: They’re coming

The longer you stay, the higher you could be. When you meet someone in the game, please don’t rush to get close to them. That could be a trap set up by someone or some monsters. You will get killed if you get too close to that trap. And when they have you in their hand, you will suffer the most pain in this world.

Fan games will help you have this game, and also, they need you to give feedback about this version. We still want this game to be better so players can help us to do that. Your feedback will tell us what you think about the game. And then we can provide the needed things.

Slendytubbies: They’re coming Free Downloads now come with some change. You need to check them all before hitting the download button.


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