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Underswap II – Distrust GameJolt is a fan-game unitable of the original Underswap version of Undertale Dis Belief, owned by FlamesAtGame.

Underswap II – Distrust Free Download
Underswap II – Distrust Free Download

Entering the world of Underswap II – Distrust GameJolt, you will have to face tense battles with terrifying, dangerous souls. The color of souls can change to Blue and Red by pressing 1 and 2. For two different colors, you will have other methods for reaching and removing. Remember, this is a war of survival. Attacks are likely to happen over and over, be careful.

How to install Underswap II – Distrust free download

  • Step 1: Download Underswap II – Distrust GameJolt
  • Step 2: Download Unitale
  • Step 3: Open the folder Unitale just downloaded and insert the Underswap II – Distrust game folder into that mod folder.
  • Step 4: Launch Unitale, and then click Underswap II – Distrust.
  • Step 5: Open “distrust sans.exe” by clicking on it. And now, you can enjoy this exciting game.


Developers: Ivanerersupr @Ivanerersupr