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Introduction to the Game – Project Fredbear

Project Fredbear that is without charge transfer on our web site, may be a thrilling fan-made game inspirited by the notable horror game Five Nights At Freddy’s of Scott Cawthon. It guarantees to bring all folks memorable experiences.

Project Fredbear Free Download
Project Fredbear Free Download

Story of the Game – Project Fredbear

The game brings all of you to immerse yourself into a creepy story within which you, the most character, have lost a bet with a number of your highest friends and at the instant, you’re forced to sneak into the Fredbear’s Family Diner. However, suddenly the door closes behind you. You instantly constitute the darkness! What happens to you next? What must you do now?

Animatronic Rebalance

Fredbear is hardcore and unforgiving and survives against him is almost not possible. so as to unravel with him, his sight features a new mechanic.

When you area unit in Fredbear’s sight, one meter are going to be stuffed up. After that, associate audile cue can enable you to understand what proportion of it’s stuffed. bear in mind that the nearer you’re, the quicker it fills up. Consequently, the farthest you’re, the slower it fills up.


The speed of beautiful once catching the player can begin quickly, then bit by bit decrease till beautiful runs out of stamina.


Chica are going to be a lot of quickly than previous, that makes her a much bigger threat to you. you’re still able to get out of her by all out there means that.


If you fail your task, guileful can activate instantly. once that happens, you’re nearly not possible to survive. If he sees you, he undoubtedly doesn’t allow you to go.

Download Project Fredbear without charge here and revel in it! Project Fredbear.

Download it Now!! It’s free to download from this website to enjoy the game.

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Developers: TSEG @TSEG