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Introduction to the Game – The Diner

The Diner may be a fan-made horror game that’s inspirited by the renowned horror series Five Night At Freddy’s. Basically, the sport has identical plot with FNAF however ensure you may have a stimulating expertise. Currently, the game is free of cost to be downloaded from our website without any charges to pay.

The Diner Free Download
The Diner Free Download

As mentioned on top of, the sport comes at the side of an analogous story because the original series. you may take the role of the most character UN agency is finding employment and now’s employed to be a guard. Of course, you may work on the night shift from twelve am to seven am tomorrow. Your responsibility is to envision and monitor the camera system in your workplace so as to stay the geographic point safe.

Story of the Game – The Diner

However, you may before long understand that one thing weird is going on and somebody is making an attempt to approach you. The attraction of this place is robotics robots UN agency square measure terribly cute throughout the day however nobody makes certain that they’ll still keep in their position as after they square measure deactivated. Don’t surprise after you see their behaviors become strange throughout your shift.

Try to check each corner in each area so as {to keep|to keep} the protection and ensure robotics still stay in their position. If you understand one thing wrong, shield yourself from offensive if required. the sport includes alarming sounds and heaps of jumpscares. Keep as calm as possible!

Don’t hesitate to download the free version of this game The Diner for gratis here and decide to survive till seven am nightly.


Developer: SubwooferX3 @Samboogle
Sub Links: mega.nz