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Sonic Coffees (2020 edition) is a new game for your PC; also, you can play this game on your phone. This game will be free, and you can play it when you have no internet connection—an online service for users to download and update for this horror game.

Sonic Coffees
Sonic Coffees

In this game, you will be the night guard who has chosen the wrong place to work for. This place is full of monsters you have no way back. Your job is to find out what these monsters need and want from you. But we think they need nothing but your soul and your blood. So it would be best if you found a way to get out of this place as fast as possible.

There will be some tips you can use on the Fan game. We add it for new players to make this game easier and have more fun in the game. But you can also use these tips to win the game.

Sonic Coffees (2020 edition) download is ready for your PC and mobile!


By: Flying Squirrel @superkirbyjs